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Paint Correction

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Paint Enhancement

Light polish to increase paint gloss and depth.

Paint Enhancement


Make your headlights look new again, improve visibility at night, remove oxidized plastic, restore crystal clear finish, protect against harmful UV rays to increase headlight lifespan

Headlight Restoration

Metals and Chrome

Remove oxidation and water marks from your Wheels, trim, bumpers, Chrome, Aluminum, Brass, etc.

Polishing Car Tire

Paint Correction

Perfect for those who want their car to look its absolute best. Every paint correction job is different therefore, individual vehicle assessments and reports ensure we tailor the service to your specific goals. An exterior detail along with a wax stripping wash are performed before any correction is done, a perfectly clean surface is an essential first step. A test section is done to confirm the selected approach will deliver the desired results. Once the imperfections have been removed it’s time to protect the paint to keep it looking new for longer. We offer many forms of paint protection including traditional waxes and ceramic coatings.

2-Step Correction Results

Trim, Rubber and Plastics

Restore O.E.M. color and finish and extend lifetime

Rubber trim restoration
Rust on Chrome
Chrome trim

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